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BioClip Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure with arterial stiffness measurements

Heart health benefits of the Bio Clip Cuff

Prior to advanced home blood pressure cuffs like Bio Clip Cuff, machines to assess coronary heart disease and coronary heart attack risks were the domain of clinics and medical centres, costing many thousands of dollars.

Now, as the world's first at-home arterial stiffness test device, Bio Clip Cuff enables you to evaluate the risk of coronary heart disease with convenience and ease.
Armed with arterial stiffness information, you can address lifestyle changes, such as exercise, diet and tackling High Blood Pressure, that can help maintain a healthy heart. As a healthy living digital blood pressure monitor, the Bio Clip Cuff is second to none!
The cuff's ability to store up to 30 readings and calculate your average levels for arterial stiffness, blood pressure and pulse means you can Monitor Blood Pressure and arterial stiffness with confidence. The ‘traffic light' style display makes it easy to check your arterial health: ‘green' denotes normal arteries, ‘yellow' stiffening, and ‘red' equals stiff.

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